Swedish Landscape 2022 Map V1.7.5

Date : 2022-03-23 13:49:26 Report

Hotfix upload – liming and plowing and mulching was no longer possible in version 1.5+ to 1.7

Giants detects the fertilization level over every second pixel of the infolayer. We increased all infolayers to 8K, double the map size, because it solved the double fertilization problem. Unfortunately, functions like plowing and mulching are only allowed to be half the size because they also only have one level.
Due to the map scaling of FS19, the limed field area will now be shifted again, of course, but your actions on the field will be saved again.

To save your savegame you have to do the following:
-> start the game -> start a new singleplayer game with the map. -> save the map -> open the savegame folder and copy the infoLayer_plowLevel.grle , infoLayer_rollerLevel.grle, infoLayer_stubbleShredLevel.grle, and if necessary the infoLayer_sprayLevel.grle (only if you updated from 1.5/1.7 to 1.7.5) to your old savegame state.
start the game as usual. If you have your savegame state, on the Dedi server want to update. you must download this first and follow the steps above exactly the same. Then zip the savegame and upload it to the dediserver. Restart the server afterwards.

was changed:
GRLE Size reset from 8192 to 4096 for infoLayer_plowLevel.grle , infoLayer_rollerLevel.grle, infoLayer_stubbleShredLevel.grle
2 trees without texture were removed/hidden.
Village in the middle of the map has new buildings prefabs.

Credits: Gniltag, Julian, NoobFragz

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