Tcbo Mining Construction Economy V2.0

Date : 2022-07-30 09:52:44 Report

The map can have some problems because this is a convertion from FS19 map. So if you have some problems please report to me.

Attention on this:
– You can make farming on this map but you need create your own fields.
– The map have a sawmill to selling wood and woodchips and have many default factories.
– Remember this map have as main objective working on mining and public works. For complete experience you need play with the right mods (terrafarm, MCE ferry pack).
– This map dont have any pile for materials, so you can´t dig nothing without terrafarm. The map its only to play with terrafarm, if you dont have or dont like terrafarm this map is not for you.

I recommend start a new save game for you can see all changes, but if you want continue a save game, you need put a code inside your placeables.xml. The file placeables.xml is inside your save folder from your current game with TCBO MCE.

1- open the placeables.xml
2 – go to the last line and before you put the code i post bellow. Do not delete any line or word, only copy and paste the code. If you have doubts go to my discord channel and i help you.

Changelog v2:
– add all products by default (wheat, maize, etc) to the selling stations.
– remove grass from roads
– add filltype propane and rubble
– add glass factory
– increase discharge speed on pallets
– fix steel pallet
– adjust diesel consumption on rock processor
– change some textures
– change all ground textures for FS22
– fix sheet marble pallet
– new textures for bricks pallet
– change the triggers on bricks factory
– fix the problem with trees (cant make woodchips)

Credits: Giants TCM (FS19) Nonnus FS Miner Lambo unknow modders

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