The Red Farm On Elmcreek Map V2.0

December 17, 2021 1:07 pm 106 Downloads

Savefile + (building)mods included.

You wake up in June at six in the morning to a large farm and its fair share of tractors and tools. Who wouldn’t want that?
It feels like heaven, but then reality kicks in, your bank account $100K in debt and hardly any money left $5K ?! Can you take up the challenge? Welcome to the big red farm.

No game time, numbers all reset so you can start from “zero” with stats.
If you want to play this differently you can always change the numbers or use a moneymod.

UNZIP the REDFARM_UNZIP download file and follow the instructions on the “Instructions how to install” text file

V2.0 Fixed some building mods (4) because shaders stopped working correctly after Giants 1.2 update. This is the complete version, version V2.1 is only the customized version without the map for those who already play the map.


Credits: Barbicha

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