Tlx Service Pack V1.0

June 12, 2023 9:53 pm 175 Downloads

TLX Service Pack
The TLX Truck Series and the Mack Superliner-X receive a full overhaul with the Moore8250 Wrecker Body work! First real tow truck working on all platforms!

*** Modular System featuring 3 unique attachments to do you in-field services! Compatible with:
- TLX Phoenix v1.2
- MACK SuperlinerX v1.2
- TLX 9000 Series v1.2

TLX Wreck-IT
- 15000L Of fuel for your in-field refuelling operation
- Working axle lift - Instructions:
1. Purchase the Wreck-IT Bundle
2. Attach the Wreck-IT Bundle to the truck
3. Unfold the Wreck-IT Bundle
*** IT IS MANDATORY to enter the vehicle to be towed FIRST before activating the Tension Belts on the Axle Lift Attachment ***
4. Position the axle lift below the vehicle to tow
5. Lift the vehicle from the ground (if it is too heavy use the Front Weight attachment included in this pack)
6. SELECT the axle lift attachment and activate the straps
7. Use the "Lower Axle Lift" function to allow free rotation on the attachment
- Price (base) 32119$

TLX Flatbed (same fuel capacity and extandable ramps to transport small vehicles)
- Price (base) 12119$

TLX Service Bed:
- 15000L Of fuel for your in-field refuelling operation
- Working crane with all the movements implemented (requires the Traverse attacher to be connected, included in the pack)
*** It is highly recomended to extend the supports on the service bed before lifting anything heavy ***
- Price (base) 32119$

TLX Traverse (mandatory complement to the Service bed)
- Price (base) 0$

TLX Front Weight: An incredible attachable front weighted bumper featuring:
- Dynamic weight adjustment (using joystick or mouse control): Starting at 15kg and up to 7500kg!
- Multiple options available such as Winch (Platinum DLC Mandatory), guard, beacons...
- Price (base) 650$


Credits: 82Studio

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