Ursus C4011 V1.0

Date : 2023-06-20 11:51:05 Report

Ursus C-4011 (42HP) Price: 18000$

Version: v1.0

!Clean log!

The mod has configurations:
* Wheels
*Steering wheels
* Mudflaps Front/Rear
*Operator seat
*Types of Lights
*Wheel weights
*TUR console
*Warning Triangle
*Fender Bracket
* Boxes (Fender outside and inside)
*Reflectors On The Fender
*Steering (1/2 tie rods)
*Front weights
*Types of Front Fenders
*Types of Bonnet Stickers
*Front/Rear License Plates

The mod has painting:
* Sheet metal (bonnet and rear fenders)
*Front fenders
* Corpus
*Cab Roof
*Wheel weights
*Doors in Cabins
* Protective Cage
* Silencers

IC (SimpleIC) :
*Open bonnet
*Open flap in the mask
*Opening doors in cabins
*Open roofs in cabins
* Scented pendant in cabins
*Front fenders
* Rear hitch pin
*The container covering the exhaust
*Opening/closing cases
*Fuse covers
The mod has sounds of opening elements (doors/hood, etc.)

*! Climb animation!
*Moving Doors
*Moving Mudflaps
* Movable Fragrance Hanger
*Vibrating fenders when firing
* Animated dashboard (backlight, tips)
* Moving gears, clutch, hand and foot throttle, brake
*Animation of radiator fan and V-belt
*Animated fuel pump (IC)

When you have an idea to develop the mod or you see an error, write in the comment.

Credits: MeersemoMods, Driver300, Gracjan26

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