Volvo Bm650/700 V1.0

Date : 2023-12-18 14:06:17 Report

Damn it!
Now I release my new volvo bm 650. Unlike my previous volvo packs, this one is not converted but has a completely new 3d file with new textures. I have done all the work myself and with the help of the Swedish Bonnteam on Discord. Would therefore be appreciated if people who spread mods write my name "Traktorn3" as creator. Here come configurations and functions. ALSO DAMN EVERYONE WHO SHARES ON OTHER PLATFORMS AND WRITE THAT THEY MADE IT THEMSELVES!!!
650 or 700
Straight pipe
Tool box
Round or Square lighting
Extended exhaust is installed on the mod
Only opening doors on scroll wheel and both mouse buttons.
Wear it with care and show respect now pågar/ Traktorn3

Credits: Modell: Traktorn3Textur: Traktorn3 Script:ThundRIdé/koncept: Traktorn3Testning:Traktorn3Övrigt: Traktorn3

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