Volvo Fh16 Truck V1.0

Date : 2023-03-12 10:15:43 Report

Three major improvements. Now it has door and window opening animation, realistic airbag suspension animation, and players wear seat belt after entering the vehicle. The passenger seat also has seat belt but it is controlled by Interactive Control.

Other improvements include shadow rendering of front lights,  realistic suspension parameters, saddle animation, and new fog lights, etc

mod support
Interactive Control
Vehicle Sleeper Cab

It is now a real 4x2 tractor instead of the official all-wheel drive. Do not drive it on rough ground. Saddle height of this tractor is low, so most semi-trailers may not be suitable for coupling with it. This tractor only has 4x2 chassis configuration at present. I may add more chassis configuration in the future if I have time.

Credits: HatsuneKid, GIANTS Software

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