Warrior Extrem Edition V1.0

Date : 2021-12-31 08:44:54 Report

The Warrior of mine from the 19s
Here you have only modified the Warrior from the LS19

You can set and configure everything here
Nokian tires
Goodyear tires
Trelleborg tires
6 different rims
4 different bumpers
different pane foil
Underbody lighting
Hood ornament
Warrior sticker back wall
Greta sticker back wall
5 engine variants
All-round lights
Beacon bar
Paint for vehicle
Color for rims
Color for ram protection
Color for fenders
Color for rear wall + grill
Color for design

The beacon bar, LED daytime running lights, front and rear speed cameras and LED lights in the front bumper bars are permanently installed
Side grilles were also installed in the bonnet, larger exhaust pipes,
Ramming protection, beacon bar on the rear wall and a trailer coupling with an additional ball head and ball heads for forced steering.
Cables and hoses also work in the back.
I dismantled the box completely and gave various parts a color choice. Unfortunately, I had to put a few together as a selection.
I have adapted the exhaust smoke to the engine power, which means that every stronger engine level has more smoke ……
You can safely skip this warning because a rim shape is too big. But it has no effect on the game
Warning: Shape from ‘Race.i3d.shapes’ too big (10627 KB). Maximum supported size on Consoles is 8192 KB.

Credits: GTX Andy Script

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