Zero-Turn Mow-It Pack V1.0

Date : 2022-07-13 12:17:50 Report

Zero-Turn Mow-IT Pack
Lizard Lawncare introduces the newest and versatile Zero Turn mower Mow-IT Pack with the following elements:

Zero-Turn Mower Bundle (Zero-Turn + Cutting Deck):
- Custom selection of colors plus the default ones
- 3 different variations (Change WORK MODE when the deck is attached):
- Mow-IT: Classic zero turn Mower
- Bag-IT: Zero turn mower with a side blower and an attachable bagger that collects the cut grass
- Mulch-IT: Zero turn mower that cuts the grass and leaves no trace behind
- Store options:
- Roll bar: adjustable with the joystick
- Light options (front lights, roll bar lights)
- Underglow options (none, red, blue, green, white)
- Several wheels to choose among regular flotation tires, tracks, spikes... twins?
- Front attacher for the Leveler
- Rear hitch
- 2 engines, 36hp and a homemade tuned 82hp!
- Arbeitsbreite: 2,5 m
- Price 7850$

The bagger acts as a forage wagon attachment for the Zero-Turn! Collect the fresh cut grass straight from the ground!
- Store options:
- Capacity; normal (350L), inflated (5500L)
Price: 1600$

Small leveler to do small jobs around your property! (Mostly role-play oriented)
Price: 450$

Credits: 82Studio

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