Zetor Major Cl 80 V1.3.2

Date : 2022-01-30 19:09:45 Report

Zetor Major CL 80 with color choice, front loader, front hydraulics and wheel configurations

Version 1.3.2:
Mod folder cleaned up a bit
Even if the MP-Lift front loader package is not in the mod folder, there is no longer a warning

I took the Zetor Major CL80 from the standard game and made it a bit more useful.
He got front loader consoles from Hauer, Quicke and MP-Lift
In addition, I added one or the other wheel config and also got a color choice.
If you have any other requests or suggestions, please let me know.

Credits: Giants (Grundmodell) Farmari99 (MP-Lift Konsole) ls_oldtimer (Fronthydraulik)

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