Zetor Proxima 8441 V1.1

Date : 2022-02-01 12:29:07 Report

Zetor Proxima is a small Czech tractor that is suitable for almost any field work!

Version 1.1:
-Corrected materials
-Added transparent grid and engine model under the hood
-New colors
-New frontloader configurations
-New fenders configurations
-Simple IC (works only on PC, requires a separate mod)
-Added frontloader joystick
-Exit point corrected
-New store and icon

Mod has:
-Engine power configurations
-Wheel configurations and rim color
-Choose between hitch, weights, and three-point linkage
-Choice of roof color
-Optional forest cage and mudguards!

Basic infos:
-Price: 65,000
-Power: 87-117hp
-Category: Small tractors

Credits: Arikson

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