FS17 - Central Valley Map V 1.8.2

Date : 2016-12-02 09:20:04 Report
Error cleared, the log is error-free, also on the Dedi. Floating trees brought to the ground. Colision added to the cow pasture gate. The gateway to the chicken is now animated, gate is called to collect eggs. (You will not get rich with As soon as straw is scattered, you can see a small pile of litter in the enclosure. This is also true in the original map. Is now adapted so that it is also really visible. When straw was strewn. Goldcrest Valley. Have the map made for me, but make them available here as well. The fields were enlarged, a forest at Schweinestall fell victim. The cowshed placed between the pigsty and the farm. Raise and lower terrain. The courtyard has a bit more space, but what little is to buildings, it is clear - I do not need a navy to find me in the yard. So everyone can do it. The trains were the same. Unloading stations of the trains have been changed, and now are usable with each vehicle. All placed buildings are for sale. The PDA map is up-to-date.

Credits: Kuhn und Schweinestahl Silo von farmerads Original Map:GIANTS LPG Werkstatt : fqC art. Lichtpacket von: Niggels Modding Animiertes Tor: Model von: Jasper & Vario “animiert” von auwgl (fix von mir)

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