FS17 - Golden Spike Map

Date : 2019-03-10 06:58:00 Report
We pay due attention to the appearance of the map, namely nature, forests, rivers. We try to ensure that being on our map you always have an eye on what you see. On the Gifts of the Caucasus, I was not able to fully realize the beautiful cozy nature, I admit it. On the Golden Ear it is quite different; you can yourself appreciate screenshots and video reviews on the group\'s wall. First of all, we have already gained vast experience; we have all the subtleties, secrets and tricks of mapping and 3d modeling. Secondly, the capabilities of the graphics engine FS 17 significantly exceed FS 15. This also applies to the quality of the coloring of the terrain and the overall picture. On the FS 15 it was not possible to create such beautiful landscapes. In addition, members of our team have learned and learned how to texture models according to all the standards of 2017. For those who understand: The object is solid, only the windows are separated into one object and the small parts are also one component. Windows - to reflect and shine when the rays of light hit, and small details - so that they disappear at a distance, so as not to display them and remove the load from the video card. Or we use LODs, it depends on the case. (LOD-basic model and primitive, without subtleties, for drawing an object at a long distance) 1 texture is used on an object, 1 material, if you need to add more textures, then we use the necessary shader and assign. We use NormalMap and Specular. As a result, on our buildings and objects there are scuffs, dirt, shadows, in the necessary places there is brilliance, the effect of volume, for example, brickwork. Also, at all sites we create a simplified collision, also reduces the load on the computer. Redrawed many textures, gave them credibility, such as bushes, reeds, grass, the color of the earth\'s surface, etc. On our buildings we also use our new unique textures of excellent quality. And what a gorgeous appearance of trains and ship - words can not describe! (Yes, locomotive, wagons, ship made from scratch ManuscriptGT) --- The size of the map has been increased 4 times. Not 2x2 km, like Goldcrest Valley or Sosnovka, but 4x4 km. --- Will there be updates and additions to the map? - Yes, they will. Updating, correction of errors (if any) will be free. And if functions, factories are added, then there is something new - it will be paid. --- The technique is the same as in the DC, but already finalized for the map. Added refrigerated semi-trailer for the transport of refrigerated products. --- CULTURES on the map: all standard + rye, onions, carrots. In the future, a paid map update will be rice, maybe cabbage. For the rice system, the place on the map is already reserved. --- ANIMALS: Standard, but completely redesigned.

Credits: Стас Стасенко

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