Additional Field Info V1.0.2.4

Date : 2022-08-04 09:43:32 Report

Display additional info in the field info panel when walking through a field:
- Area of each field in the current land
- Current land area
- Price per ha (per ac) of the cultivated area on land you don't own
- Potential harvest quantity and yield on ready to harvest fields

==== CHANGELOG ====
New in v1.0.1.0
- Potential harvest quantity and yield added
Fixed in v1.0.1.1
- Manage farmlands with several fields by showing them one by one after each refresh
New in v1.0.1.2
- Adding polish and spanish translation
New in v1.0.2.0
- Land area displayed in Map overview land screen
Fixed in v1.0.2.1
- Slow down display refresh for farmlands with several fields
New in v1.0.2.2
- Adding russian translation
Fixed in v1.0.2.3
- Fix compatibility with Precision Farming and remove redundant information
Fixed in v1.0.2.4
- Fix compatibility with Info Menu mod and remove redundant information, fix yield calculation

Credits: yumi

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