I finally got Autodrive courses for the Südharz Map for you!
All fields, points of sale, yards, productions, etc. are recorded.

– I have a “!” made behind the places where you cannot simply fill something with the helper alone, etc., that is e.g. This is the case with productions, because you fill them with a wide variety of devices and pick up pallets with fork and so on. But I did everything that can be done with a helper. As I said on the few places with “!” behind the name, you have to do something yourself when the vehicle has arrived there.
– I always set the points of view for the fields like this, the driver always drives to the right when driving on them, drives a little, stops and drives a left turn after filling. I did it so that you can still drive away with the combine and not be blocked by the tractor.
– The courses started with, so you need at least this version.

Please unzip the zip file and copy the XML into your savegame folder.

I think the courses should make it easier for many people to play on my card, especially if you play alone or with only a few players. So then I wish you a lot of fun with it!

Tested in FS19 1.6 version.


Credits: Sheldon

Download File (180 KB)

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