The script is now also built into presses / winders that are loaded after the mod and use their own vehicle type.

As a little New Year’s present I have a script for you that makes it possible to unload the winder automatically. With the Kuhn baler and wrapper combination, the wrapper can now also be switched off so that grass bales can also be pressed without them being wrapped immediately.
With the winder you can choose between different laying modes. With a single winder, automatic and manual work. I think that’s self explanatory ..
With the press wrap combination you also have the collect mode. Two bales are then deposited one after the other. The first remains on the bale wrapper until the second is done. Then, if the bales don’t roll away, you always have two next to each other and you can load them better.
Keyboard shortcuts to toggle the drop mode:
Keyboard: Y
Controller (X-Box): LB + control pad right
I think that’s about it .. I wish you a lot of fun pressing or wrapping and a Happy New Year!

Tested in FS19 1.6 version.


Credits: Ifko[nator]

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