Carriable Repair Crate V1.0

Date : 2023-01-13 09:54:09 Report

This is a fun little project I threw together, it's a carriable repair crate full of parts you might replace on other mods I've made. It also has a mallet and a socket wrench I modeled too, because you're not gonna get those bolts off with just your fingers!

It functions as a mobile equipment repairer/vehicle editor. It's the perfect tool for when you need to get that plow fixed ASAP, or if you just can't stand the color of your truck anymore.
To activate this you will need to be standing near the handle of the socket wrench.

Fun fact, I used a physics simulation to drop all the pieces into this crate. What you are seeing is true simulated chaos!

Enjoy my last mod for Farming Simulator 19!

Credits: Rooster Mods

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