FS19 - Fenton Forest Map V1.33

March 29, 2019 7:11 pm 464 Downloads
Do not use old save data via copy and pasting even if you no what your doing. Create a new save for V1.33 and edit the new save xml manually instead to get most of you items back. You no longer start with animals so you will need to buy them when needed.. Old versions pre map v1.33 are no longer supported. No further updates are planned for the map. Many things have been adjusted in the map and behind the scenes this week for Fenton Forest V1.33 to finish it off. so time to play and have fun with it regards Stevie. I do not support any mods used with this map other than my own. Also I do not test external other party mods with this map, NO support for any external other party mods used with it is given.

Credits: Stevie

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