FS19 - Izh Planet 5K V1.0

Date : 2020-05-31 14:15:33 Report
Izh Planet 5K V1 for Farming Simulator 19. Mid-range racing bike for use on roads with different surfaces. Equipped with brackets for attaching a side trailer. The top speed is 120 km / h (with a side trailer 80 km / h). The on-board trailer for motorcycles IZH. You can use - 120l for the transportation of fuel. Animated suspension, dashboard, helmet, mirror, traces, dust, washes.

Credits: Модель: werik, Silak_68, YREC, Zombi88888,
текстура гнома : werik, Silak_68, YREC, Zombi88888, Gnom
Сценарий: Ifko [nator]
идея / концепция: Silak_68
тестер: Silak_68

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