FS19 - Locomotive01 V2.0

Date : 2019-12-17 12:24:47 Report
Locomotive01 V2 for Farming Simulator 19. This is the electric loco E186 of the "noNameModder" from LS17 (approval is available) as locomotive01.zip Version 2 Complete equipment of the E 186 with animated single-arm pantographs and driver's cabs of the standard locomotive (locomotive01) as well as functioning lighting The model was adapted in the proportions to the real dimensions. Unpack the contents of this zip file into a newly created folder (locomotive01) in this file structure (D: / Program Files (x86) / Farming Simulator 2019 / data / vehicles / train /). Secure the original folder beforehand. In favor of the game performance, the locomotive has only 2 pantographs, one of which is animated. The pantographs and the bogies are from the LS19 world. The locomotive is, if unpacked and properly integrated immediately with all textures as locomotive01 ready to drive. However, the locomotive has no adjusted lighting for the time being. If you value it, you first have to lend a hand.

Credits: Hans50

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