FS19 - Mars Terraforming Map V004

Date : 2020-04-29 20:46:36 Report
Mars Terraforming Map V004 for Farming Simulator 19. Changelog: 1. New gameplay selling produce to earth (1 Week max price return when volume has reached) 2. Goods now stored in the silo remains on the planet for the colony 3. Updated lighting in the domes as well as other places and plants 4. Removed skip that was inside airlock at the sheep pen.. :) 5. Balancing of the new world economy 6. Changes to sound environment (no more birds, frogs, crickets etc) 7. Added Colony Silo for storage Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a farm on Mars, well this is not close, but the closest FS19 will get heheheh... Join me in the first look tour of the map and what there is to do on this v.004 of the map. (Remember to download and install the savegame) We start of by ascending into the Marsian atmosphere down to the surface, waiting there inside the Schiaparelli Crater is a pre-built base by Space-X, armed with a $10 000 000 government grant to get things ready for the colonist, setup the farming side of things and have enough food ready to feed everybody and sustain life there on the red planet... Furthermore your goal would be to plant as much fauna and flora as possible, to make Mars as close to Earth as you can... You now have the opertunity to sell goods back to earth, and the product you keep in your silos stay on the planet for the colony. Or you can just play the game normally for fun !!!

Credits: FarmerB0B (myself) making the map
Yazu for providing the blank map
Giants for the game and the editor
Blender for an amazing free 3D build engine

Download File (682.5 MB)