FS19 - Minibrunn Map V2.1.1

Date : 2019-11-05 18:40:47 Report
Minibrunn Map V2.1.1 for Farming Simulator 19. Welcome to Minibrunn Changelog V2.1.1.0 -bushes can now be planted via the landscaping tool -new deco plant created for planting via the landscaping tool -further filling types added to the price list -corrections to seasons settings -corrections to various light sources -fixed floating lamps at the gas station -more terrain angle (11.25 ° instead of 45 °) (PC / MAC only) -added support for mod \"HoT Animated Object Extend\" (PC / MAC only) -propeller plane added over Minibrunn -hot-air balloons added over Minibrunn -panorama border revised -fixed missing collision at the gas station and on the old Lizard tractor -deleted old file in the sounds folder -fixed error at the biogas plant -stacker at the dealer now available on all levels of difficulty -stacker is no longer \"tabbable\" -floating priority (traffic) sign fixed at the cattle dealer -weed removed below field 11 (only active with new savegame) -straw selling station revised -fixed transport missions error -guard rails now cast shadows -various cosmetic corrections and adjustments (for example more decoration on the map) -color temperature of all light sources revised -Seasons: added frozen lake -Seasons: created winter version of the alpine panorama -Seasons: created snow version of the spruce trees -Seasons: added autumn and winter textures for shrubs, decorative plants and aquatic plants (winter only) -Seasons: masking revised for each season -Seasons: fixed a bug with the aquatic plants Changelog V2.0.0.0 -descVersion raised to 44 -Seasons-ready with snowmask, seasonal items and sounds -implemented ForgottenPlants foliages (except gras) and acre textures -added fruit destruction for grass outside of fields -fixed several bugs -complete revision of the contest version: -about 20ha of new ground -13 new fields and 2 meadows -two more grain traders -real landscape as border decoration -alps panorama added as map background -biogas plant revised and postponed -manure and slurry shop at the cattle dealer -added traders for seeds, fertilizers and herbicides -start vehicles and items adapted A mini-map for lovers of small agricultural machinery and all who want to become one of them. But if you like, you can also start with the Big Bud. The map offers all FS19 features (except a drivable train) on a 65-acres playground. The fields are basically helper-friendly. I have tried to give the helper as much space as possible, but due to the narrowness it can happen that the helper has difficulties recognizing or turning over the fields. A headland is a good option in this case. For fields with trees, it is advisable to always start the helper at the tree side. Due to the multi-terrain-angle change, a new savegame is recommended for PC / MAC. Have fun in the idyllic Minibrunn. For paint the new plants in the landscaping tool, there is now three times the grass ground texture: with grass, bushes and flowers. These three textures are selected sequentially in the landscaping tool. Features: -Seasons-ready -multi-terrain-angle -expanded landscaping with two new plants to paint (with grass ground texture) -18 fields and 2 meadows between 0.5 and 2.5 acres -the fields can be easily shared into larger ones -forest areas with about 7 acres forest area -biogas plant -8 selling stations for all standard fruits -with or without courtyard buildings and vehicles (depending on the level of difficulty) -AI pedestrian and traffic -two waterholes -two lime silos, as well as permanently installed silos for seeds, fertilizers and herbicides -mission system (including transport mission) -livestock is not permanently installed

Credits: TopAce888

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