FS19 - Never Land Map V2.2

May 29, 2019 5:36 pm 250 Downloads
I am pleased to introduce you to my map. Version 2.2 Get FillTypeMover.lua update from Farmer_Schubi and Installed Traffic Installed Rebuilded Bga Fahrsilo (please insert tipColMap.grle from a new savegame into yours) Lamps at the Bga set Lamps placed at both statues Hedges placed at the church Deko Jung Trees Installed Deco bushes Liquid Fertilizer Production Removes Biomass sale removed Warehouse Sale Removed Liquid Sale Removed It was rebuilt from scratch and is fictitious. The map has 3 woods 6 open spaces (purchasable) 19 fields (purchasable) Spinning dairy biomass and bga have also found their place There are 3 outlets (take all fans) Wind turbines from kastor were installed (thanks for that)

Credits: Modell: Oli5464
Textur: Oli5464
Script: Farmer_Schubi
Idee / Konzept: Oli5464/Paul
Tester: Oli5464/Paul
Sonstige: Oli5464/Paul/Farmer_Schubi/mauricespencer

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