FS19 - Real Forestry Machinery V0.4

Date : 2019-02-11 06:19:17 Report
With this modification, the forestry machines are improved by many important features content: Komatsu 875 Komatsu 931 XC Ponsse Buffalo Ponsse Scorpion King Sampo Rosenlew HR 46 MAN TGX 26640 features: cut EVERY tree (Attention! activate “Real Komatsu 931 XC) added engine-cage for Ponsse Scorpion King endless rotating grabs new tire setups for MAN control the MAN supports seperatly converted skidmarks added chains for Boogieaxles up to 42 variations of chains Grimme tracks added used tracks (rusty) added tool- follow cameras added changed steering- ranges changed exit- points tilt harvester-heads (if you can’t grab a cut tree turn head 180°) inproved cuttimes changeable colors for bodies and rims cutlength up to 16m higher tree-diameters possible next: improved Particle- effects for sawdust improved joystick- movement better support for 2- joystick- movement delete fixed cutlenghts procedural sound (saw, hydraulics etc.) procedural animations

Credits: Bastisimo0

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