FS19 - Terragator V3.0

Date : 2019-03-21 05:29:54 Report
Changelog V3.0: Added two new implements Tipper ($15000) – 35000l Capacity – Holds all fruit types Manure Spreader ($25000) – 20000l capacity – 17m working width – 12 mph working speed Added an extended capacity config to the slurry tank implement – Price: $9000 – Capacity: 35000l – 14.8m working width Added engine option configs – 6203 (337HP) – 9205 (457HP) ($12000) – Based on real models Added extended frame config with an additional rear wheel axis. ($7500) ***NOTE*** Extended frame is only compatible with the Tipper, Manure spreader, and extended slurry tanker Updated Body decals to match the real life counterpart – Added separate engine config decals Moved rear hitch to a vehicle configuration – Default – Rear Attachment – Rear Attachment with Oversize Sign Re-branded Terragator and all implements to Ag-Chem Added additional dashboard lights/numbers/and animations Added seat suspension with seat camera Added rotating drive shaft & animated front wheel cylinders Added animations for the door and armrest when entering the vehicle Added lime smoke patricle effect on spreader Increased working speed of implements Decreased wear speed on implements Improved engine sounds and engine sound location Improved dirt textures on all implements Improved window and mirror textures Improved vehicle traction Various light improvements ERROR FREE, HIRED WORKER FRIENDLY NOT TESTED WITH COURSEPLAY **NOTE**: This version will not replace V2.1 in an existing save unless you change the file name to match V2.1. THIS IS INTENDED. I recommend selling the V2.1 in game, and removing the file from your mods.

Credits: Fs19 Converted by Giants Software, Eagle355th, Otis Little Bear Modding, Aaron6446, bhModding, KarlFarms, Taylor Farms, THOMAS (Manure spreader), ADUBS (Tipper)

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