FS19 - Volvo Fh16 Truck Pack V1.0

May 6, 2019 6:51 pm 488 Downloads
So love Com! After months of work and many exciting hours, it\'s finally time. The Volvo FH comes for you to download. You had to wait a long time for this pack. We apologize for taking so long! I myself would never have seen my Volvo in such a big pack! I have to say one thing! I am always pleased that the Com still holds together in some places! Thank you very much to all who are involved in this project. R & M Modding was there from the beginning and has built in all the configs and what else! Thanks to D & L Fahrzeugbau, the daytime running lights in this pack are in there and for that many tests. Then I thank Heiko Grüttner, Kevin Ritter and Sven Clausen for all parts and animations! Of course, I also thank my team for their support in testing and troubleshooting! It was a pleasure to do this nice project with you all! Attention Mod only compatible with the latest patch! In the pack are included 2 axles 3 axles 4 axle SLT 2018 adjustable 4 axle SLT 2019 adjustable 4 axles HKL 4 axle swap body 3 axle swap body All trucks are equipped with the same confis except the two SLT SLT have the rear of it after purchase. Who in the SLT versions of the SLT Confi Buying may choose in return no Bullbar, since the SLT has a heavy duty coupling on the front then looks stupid. More stuff for the pack will be found in the Volvo Body Pack. And now love Com have fun playing. MfG Luxxmodding / R & M Modding

Credits: Luxxmodding/R&M Modding

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