– Animated ignition key
– Animated windshield wipers
– Fixed pedals because they are bunched together
– Interior lighting with the door open
– Animated door handle
– Animated handle on the rear window
– Animated lever for the steering console
– Sounds when opening / closing the door & rear window
– Animated sun visor
– No volume change when opening / closing the warning signs fixed

Simple IC:
– Foldable sun visor
– Windshield wipers with sound
– Detachable ball head coupling
– rear hydraulic lift / lowerable ‚# 1Only optical – no function for attachments’

– 3 engine sounds (Agrardani & Akkerlüd)
– 3 horn sounds (standard, truck, custom)
– 19/7 PowerShift and 20/20 PowrQuad with real manual transmission
– Speed ​​sticker 40 km / h
– radio
– Rear hydraulic button (# 1 suitable for lifting / lowering the lifting hydraulics)
– Original license plate holder ‘rear’ with lighting
– Vredestein Traxion XXL (600-65R28 & 710-70R38)
– Trelleborg ‘normal’ double tires
– Trelleborg maintenance tires
– Deer bonnet removed

– Seatcam
– reversing light
– Modern direction indicators
– License plate holder for the license plate on the ‘exhaust’
– Adapted hubs for the care tires
– Changetitle ‘Max’s 7810 v2’ also for the front loader
– Matching front loader JD 643 with hose system

– red rims removed
– Control light rotating beacon permanently visible
– Position of license plate washer adapted to the original ‘7810 Diaries’
– Front loader lever only with a front loader configuration
– .zip archive clearer and redesigned

Physical changes: (Credits: Kramer14)
– Adjusted weight change including all attachments
– autoRotateBackSped adjusted for all bikes
– Adjusted consumption of all engines
– RealMotorDataBase for all engines
– Adjusted differentials

The legendary John Deere 7810 in the V2 from Agrardani with Simple IC and Addconig, as well as realistic sounds, new functions and changes.

Tested in FS19 1.6 version.


Credits: Grundmodell: Agrardani Sound: Lance[DeAL] – Soundscript: PeterAH - Preview Bild: Lance [DeAL] Addconfig Scirpt: ifko[nator] Frontlader : Gamer8250 Physics: Kramer14 Simple IC, Konfigurationen und alles andere: Max's

Download File (72.8 MB)

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