This is mod is designed to give a more analog-like control to the steering when using a keyboard.

Key Features:
- Steering input increases linearly for first 500ms of steering input
- Steering input drops off linearly at the same rate when there are no key presses
- Steer back force is proportional to road speed (so you can still manouver normally at low speeds)
- There is a limit to the steering angle that is also proportional to road speed
- Press both left and right keys (A+D) at the same time you will go straight (instead of turning right as you do in standard game)
- There is no steering back force when stationary, even at 100% for the steering back setting
- No adjustments are made to any steering when a player is not in control of a vehicle

- You must be using WSAD for steering, as the mod detects A and D key presses explicitly
- If you are using a game pad or controller then the mod will do nothing
- The "Steering Sensitivity" setting in the game is unchanged
- The "Steering back speed" setting now controls the amount of reset force and also the range for the maximum steering angle.

Tested inĀ FS19 1.6 version.


Credits: loki_79

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