Konigsberg Map V1.2

Date : 2021-01-05 19:17:34 Report

Welcome to Königsberg, a fictional small town somewhere in Germany. Discover different adventures with friends or alone on this exciting map for Farming Simulator 19!

Whether fire brigade, police or just a motorway maintenance depot with various work assignments – there is something for everyone! Inquire about exciting scenarios such as a bridge collapse, an impending gas tank explosion or further fire brigade operations.

Support the Königsberg fire brigade and if the police need your help, you can ensure law and order.

Please note that you install the additional mods, otherwise you will not be able to use 100% of the Königsberg map. Please use the latest version of the game from LS19. The Season Mod does NOT work with the map, because the earth / concrete / asphalt / gravel and much more. the maximum number of “fruit types” have already been reached and the Season Mod does not work as a result. Means, if you have the season mod in the mod folder, the map will not start.

Note: You are welcome to link the map on other pages with the original download link + specify FWKB as credits. It is not allowed to take individual objects from the map and incorporate them into other maps / mods.

Change Log V1.2.0.0
– Removed unused textures
– Removed grass on the highway
– Fixed minor bugs
– Performance improved a bit

Tested in FS19 1.7 version.

Credits: FWKB, RWModding, Tarczi007, TopAce888, Nick98.1 (Niklas Menke), MXND, Kastor / d-s-agrarservice, [TWD] Rick Black Labele, tn47, FT modding, Fatian, Crouwler

Download File (498.8 MB)