Mercedes-Benz Citaro Mceu V1.0

Date : 2021-02-19 18:18:18 Report

A Mass Casualty Evacuation Ambulance. Orinially made by SoSi Modding and rebadged into a Wild West County FD unit.
You will need the SIMPLE IC mod for you to enjoy the functions of this bus. Look for the x marks around the dashboard area and in the areas of the stretchers.

Numpad 7 8 9 have different functions too.
B activates the siren
Home activates the strobes
X activates the amber strobes only when the strobes are on.

Mercedes-Benz Citaro Mceu bus works with Fs19 v1.7 version. It is not guaranteed to work on older versions.

Credits: Rebuilt by GMYK

Download File (243.3 MB)