Mercedes Sprinter V1.0

Date : 2021-09-26 12:46:07 Report

Hello guys. As i said, i'm gonna start releasing my private mods/edits. So here is the first one.
Mercerdes Sprinter Edit

1. New wheels
2. New colors
3. Front bumper configuration
4. Roof lights configuration
5. Back lights configuration
6. Roofrack configuration
7. Sideskirts configuration
8. Sidestep configuration
9. Frame configuration
10. Snorhel configuration

The mod already had the following features:
1. Animated doors
2. Service and fuel functions
3. Beacons configuration
4. Decals configuration

Only known "issue" is that the configuration freeze in the shop for 1-2 seconds when you choose different options. I tried to fix that but that's the best thing i could get.

Credits: Edward`s Modding / Sphinx / Crownzilla

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