I have release this map in FS15, FS17, and now I have release it in FS19.
The map is in the Missouri area along the Missouri River.
I fix the field 48 where it extended out across the road, double check the gas station triggers, fix the fillTypes huds not showing up.  Removed the  collisions at the main farm.  The farm house, large machine shop, large horse area, etc, that is there in New farmer mode is not in both Farm Manager and From Scratch does not show up, but you can purchase them in store.
The map is set up for maize plus, seasons, I have added cornstalks, beanstraw and corn2stalks.
alfalfa, clover, sorghum, sudangrass, corn2, tobacco, incarase_grass, peanut, hemp, carrot, and onion.
In the map it has planes, jets, trains, helocopters. I have put in mid size tractors, John Deere combine with both heads,
A forage trailer, mower, spreader, grain trailer, and planter.

Tested in FS19 1.6 version.


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