New production - cereal plant (oat flakes, oat milk, millet porridge, soy milk, soybeans, popcorn and corn grains)
Optimized all 10 pallet warehouses (more space for more types and better performance, increased pallet acceptance)
The composter level is now better displayed
Added new products to outlets
Changed the texture of sugar beets in a sugar factory.
Limestone plant is 20% faster
Fixed the name of the chicken coop at the Poultry Farm
Slightly expanded bakery
Improved pallet space in gardens
Fixed production at the dairy (only produced one yogurt)
Fixed translation errors in production descriptions
Fixed translation in greenhouses, instead of compost, you need soil.
Bugs in textures have also been fixed.

Tested inĀ FS19 1.6 version.


Credits: FedAction, dragon-tis, matrixukr

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