Niedzialowice Map V1.0

Date : 2024-01-14 15:16:32 Report


Thank you in advance for every download of this map

At the end of my adventure with FS19, I am giving you a refreshed version of my map from LS13.

The map is 100% functional and playable.

There are no ready-made farms there. It is best to remove static buildings by modifying them in the game and then build your dream farm in their place.

When it comes to purchases, the map is so small that we did not add sales points on it. However, there is a place for it, just download the triggers from mh and place them wherever you want. Yes, it could be done, but as I mentioned, with such a small area, you can place it yourself wherever you like.

I am the author of this map for LS13 and this one was also created by me.

From here I invite you to my Facebook, where I am working on a large project for FS22, to which I am paying much more attention.

Credits: ProMark, Miszczu, Kamil

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