Rabacino Map V1.0

June 25, 2021 7:31 pm 336 Downloads

Welcome to Rabacino. A Polish village located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

The map has:
- 3 playable farms (cows, pigs and sheep)
- real topography
- 2 purchases
- new cereal structures
- new soil textures
- soil 360
- seasons mask
- new sounds
- Precision Farming ready
- Manure System ready
- and a lot more

Required Mods:
- Pigsty (By: Kamilos0397)
- Sheep Fold (By: Kamilos0397)
- Old Shed (By: Czarny317)
- Garage (By: Czarny317,ConsiTV)
- Grain Storages Pack (By: Kamilos0397)
- Workshop (By: Kamilos0397)
- Old Fuel Stations Pack (By: MefiuFs)
- Concrete And Metal Fences Pack (By: MefiuFs)
- Modern Cows Barn (By: MefiuFs)
- Farmhouse (By: Karol)
- Lizard Bunker Silo (By: Nismo)
- Brick Fence And Gates (By: Svitch)
- Old Brick House (By: Danielx321)
- Garage (By: Nismo)
- Barn (By: Nismo)
- Big Garage (By: Michal6920)
- A Large Polish Barn (By: Pan Bartosz)
- Hydrant (By: Puszkap)
- Metal Gate Pack (By: Ostry)
- Straw Shed (By: Kamilos0397)
- Dairy (By: Danielx321)
- Panel Fence And Gates (By: MichalLS)
- Grain Silo (By: Danielx321, Karas, xlimeee)
- Old Gates Pack (By: Rolniczeq Modding)
- Small Grain Silo (By: Didek96)
- Metal Shed (By: FS15_Mapping)


Credits: MTN

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