The Angevin Countryside Map V2.1.1

Date : 2021-02-06 20:11:08 Report

Welcome to the beautiful map Angevine. This is a realistic French map that comes from villages near Angers.

Version 2.1.1:
Addition of Multifruit (Clover, Millet, Alfalfa, Triticale, Onion, Horse grass, Flax, Miscanthus, spelled)
Relocation of the milk trigger in dairy farm 1
Modified wall on the path behind the Triskalia cooperative
Elimination of the flying shaft near the BGA
Mod season compatibility

You have 5 farms and a CUMA pour your pleasure.
The fields and meadows should be easy to manage with small, medium or big equipment. There is also a cowshed, pigsty, sheep pen and riding stable.

The Angevin Countryside map works with Fs19 v1.7 version. It is not guaranteed to work on older versions.

Credits: Farmer Angevin

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