Ackendorf22 Map V1.5

Date : 2023-04-26 20:53:10 Report


Update changelog 1.5
- modDesc version current status
- Adjusted TerrainShader to update 1.9.1
- Added 30 zone sign near old farm

Update changelog 1.4
Collision horse farm silo fixed and exchanged due to the Giants problem
l10N entry animal overview feed fixed
Various small fixes
Blitzerscript adjusted not everyone who is on the map sees the Blitzer message only on their own farm or if someone is 20 meters nearby
Car wash script adjusted not everyone sees the message when the washing is finished only on your own farm or if someone is 20 meters nearby
Opening hours LU-Hof revised again
Speed camera prices adjusted again
Spelling mistake Lubrication oil changed to --> Lubrication oil
No new savegame required

Credits: Agrar Land Modding

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