Bredow Map V1.0

Date : 2022-03-11 14:38:18 Report

Welcome to Bredow, a district of Brieselang in the beautiful Havelland.

To the map:
- The map is a real replica of Bredow
- Bredow is in Brandenburg, Germany, more precisely in the Havelland
- The map includes fields and meadows from under one hectare to up to 55 hectares

- complete place Bredow with surroundings
- small yard for field management and forestry
- a true to the original replica of the machine hall and the shelter of the yard
- external court with adjacent construction area for expansion
- animated gates at many entryways and the machine hall
- 7 productions including a sawmill and a biogas plant
- 3 sales points
- a river and ponds to get water
- 41 small and large field and meadows
- several forest areas
- independent repeated purchase of fermentation residues at the biogas plant possible
- 5 construction areas for the expansion of your own yard or for the multiplayer modus

Credits: ThiluLP

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