Landownunder 16X V1.2

Date : 2023-04-07 23:09:32 Report

Hey all welcome to Landownunda 16x.  Over a hundred fields ranging from small to large and if your brave enough you can try our famous field 17!  Custom crops and production ans some mining that will keep you bust for days.  some custom productions as well.  I would like to thank my yeam Cazz O.A.G Buck Lonestar Farming all of our testers Sarg Granny Darth Brando and Papa Smurf and his crew!  We would also like to thank Chris Forsythe for his hard wprk creating the auto drive config for our maps lastly we would like to thank all of our dupporters for the support they all show stay safe CHEERS!!!!!!

Credits: Cazz64 O.A.G Buck Lonestar

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