Agromerart Map V1.0

Date : 2024-05-12 12:31:05 Report

Another update of my previous shared map! Everything is left, I just made the map a little more beautiful. Good game to go with it. Many people play it. The map is for Fs22, guys!

My map for FS22, I will share it with you
What you need to know about the card
He didn't try multiplayer
There are smaller and larger estates in it.
2-3 areas suitable for mowing that can be purchased.
You can purchase a website where you have the machines you purchased
Cow, horse, chicken, pig, lamb
Water intake points indicate locations suitable for transporting water.
It can also be filled at the canal.
There are also missions on the map if you want to delve into them too.
On the map there is also a milk processing plant, sugar beets for sale, potatoes for sale.
Lime station, sale of lime and fertilizer.
And places to charge your seed drills.

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