Aleksandrovka Map V2.3

Date : 2023-03-30 18:50:05 Report

There are 15 non-rectangular fields on the map.

On the map there are all standard animals + chickens, piglets, calves.

On the map there are all standard crops + rye, hops, buckwheat.

The map also has storage chemistry, root crops and grain.

The map shows such industries as an oil well,

production of fuel and polymers, sawmill, carpentry, fish farm,

waste processing, oil mill, soybean production, bakery,

composter, BHA, pellets, dairy, cereals, distillery,

meat processing plant, chemical industry, spinning and weaving factory, feed mixer for cows,

grape processing, grain mill, fish smokehouse, lime production.

There are no pallets at the production facilities, we drive up with equipment and load into the body.

There are also 2 quarries with gravel and sand on the map.

Credits: BULDOZER_221

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