Lapacho Farm Map V1.0.0.1

Date : 2022-08-05 11:43:41 Report

The well-known Estancia Lapacho map completely rebuilt keeping the same layout with a different style.

-Removed some collision objects out of position near the city.
-Sometimes it was not possible to carry water from the river.
-A collectible was in a dark spot and was very difficult to see has been fixed.
-It is now possible to sell wood directly from the train without having to unload it at the sawmill.
-Moved the position of the train's flatbed wagon, to facilitate viewing at the loading point in the rail silo near the city.
-Some minor corrections in the terrain and also in the painting of the terrain.
-Vehicle store trigger moved into the store, there was a conflict with the lights trigger and purchase trigger.
-The player could sometimes get stuck when teleporting in the grain exporter has been fixed.
-Improved AI worker routes.
-Fixed a problem that it was not possible to sell on BGA (contracts).
-Increased BGA and sawmill capacity.

Introduced in the Platinum Edition for FS17, you can now play this map featuring over 30 fields in Farming Simulator 22 - enjoy!

What is included:
- A city
- Train
- Productions chains
- Big Forest
- Collectibles
- Vehicle Shop
- 60 buyable areas
- 35 fields
- All standard functions.

New save game recommended but is not necessary.

Credits: Zero Oito

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