Big Bud N-14 435 V1.0

Date : 2023-11-17 18:41:03 Report

Here is a BIG BUD N-14 435. I put in alot time on this big beast I converted it from FS17 to FS22. I tore this machine all the way down to bare frame lol just kidding but i did tear this thing completely apart and redid the whole mod. UDIM textured all the way around this o girl. Kept the animations it had from FS17 and added a few new things. New tires. 2 light options, there is the stock lights and the after market lights to make it look more like the Welker Farms 435. Also added optional Welker Farms logo. This mod requires IC Controls to open the door and hood. I put a lil shake on the engine when its running. It will also require Exhaust Extension mod to get the rolling coal effect. Added new sounds. Powershift transmission. This beast was ran through test runner and only error is the poly count. Credits to original creator of this beast they did heck of a job on building this mod. If any know errors be sure to let me know and I will look into it. Thanks and ENJOY the BIG BUD POWER!

Credits: Hawkeye Converting and Editing

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