Bolusowo Map V2.0

January 20, 2022 8:08 am 646 Downloads

Convert my old Bolusovo V2 map edit from FS17. I had to replace some buildings with shelters from the game files because the game did not want to load the original models. Despite this, the map does not look bad.

– FS15 climate
– 21 small fields
– 1 utility farm and 3 neighbors’ properties
– a working machine shop and reset
– low map weight – 38 meters
– ravens in the fields.
!!! THE MAP SHOULD UNPACK !!! The map requires the Gold Market mod, which is already included in the package. Otherwise, the grain purchase on the map will not work.
I am not forcing you to play this map, but if you are going to play it, have a nice game.


Credits: FS17 - Mafia Solec FS22 - MATTE

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