Map Yagodnoye Extended V1.5

Date : 2022-08-22 16:47:34 Report

Hi all.
I will say right away that I am not the author of the original map. I just redid it for myself.
I decided to put it out, suddenly someone will like it.

2 scripts are sewn into the map - AnimalProduction and ProductionRevamp. This made it possible
expand production chains and add a meat processing plant.
The map has expanded functionality and added a large number of new industries and products. Also added new crops: rye, tobacco, hops, lavender and hemp.
All new crops can be harvested with standard vanilla techniques, no additional mods required.

New productions (placed):
- fuel plant
- a line of 3 production facilities for processing sand and stone from quarries into gold
- meat processing plant (accepts all animals, except for chickens, whose age is more than 12 months)
- woodworking factory
- furniture factory
- weaving factory
- pulp and paper mill
- brewery
- oil plant
- tobacco factory
- sugar beet cutting

In addition, electricity was introduced into the game as a booster for all industries. To generate it, 5 installations have been added to the "generators" section -
2 solar panels, 2 wind turbines and a power plant.

More than 30 new products have been added, both intermediate for production chains and end products.
Some recipes have been reworked for better production yields.

Credits: FS_POWER/Serega_56 - map, buildings and cultures: FEDMods, bohdan_538, GPModding/ALMModding

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