Bonneval Map V1.0.0.1

Date : 2023-05-14 17:08:22 Report

Welcome to Bonneval.

* Fixed the positioning of the barn in the pig farm
* Improved hen trigger detection in cow farm
* Fixed grape factory in wine farm (fully functional again)
No need to restart a new save. Thank you all for your many feedback.

A small fictional village surrounded by lush, hilly countryside where you will find several farms with different livestock (cattle, sheep,
pigs) as well as an ETA and a wine farm.
No vehicle will be provided to you at the start of your activity, so you will have to negotiate with the bank to buy the equipment that will allow you
to raise your cattle or to cultivate the 99 fields and meadows of the region.
You will have the possibility to sell your harvests and your productions in 6 different points of sale.
If you prefer forestry, it has allowed you to buy the 12 large forest plots that border the town and to transport wood and chips to the sawmill.
If you need water for your farms, you can draw it directly from the ponds that dot the region.
The crop growth schedule is the default.

We wish you all long and pleasant hours of play at Bonneval.

Credits: Jerry LaFabrik

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