Mecklenburg Lake District V1.3

Date : 2023-03-21 16:37:27 Report

Welcome to the district of Mecklenburg Lake District!

Adjusted walkway.
Productions xml capacities increased.
BGA can be sold completely again.
Added new texture layers, available in build mode.

A new savegame is needed!
Environment redecorated.
Courtyard conversion.
New launch vehicles.
Fruit crushing

All standard functions of the FS 22 are available.
There are 12 fields and 3 Meadow.
There is a farm with 2 cowshed , 1 BGA and 1 silo.
Seed, lime and fertilizer can be purchased on the map.

It is important: the train is only a decorative object on the map!

Landscaping: Added trees and plants again.
Country roads expanded.
Farm buildings have been revised and can be sold with the integrated decoration.
Added Farmhouse.
Productions must now be purchased.
BGA must now be purchased.
Added decoration and vegetation.
Forests revised.
Added lakes.
The train can no longer be rented.
A new savegame is needed!

Credits: Holden

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