Canam Maverick X3 V1.0

Date : 2024-02-21 12:50:27 Report

For those seeking leisure and adventure in an Off-Road Rally experience, the Maverick X3 is a line of UTVs focused on providing an excellent driving experience, whether in a domestic version, a sporty RS version, or a Competition RC version. Explore new horizons and a new adrenaline rush during your free moments.

- Brand: CanAm;
- Category: Cars;
- Price: $ 32.000;
- Recommended Power: 100-300hp;
- Maximum Speed: 140 km/h;
- Weight: 990kg;
- Fuel Capacity: 40L;
- Colors: Wheel, Chassis, Bodywork, Decals, Plastics;
- Configurations: Tires, 3-Point Hitch, Roof Rack, Grill Colors, LED Bars, Bumpers, Rear Lights, Body Panels, Rear Accessories, Side, DRL, Glove Box, Antennas, Windows;
- Animations: Doors and Rear Wheel Lock (Handbrake Simulation);
- Animated and fully functional dashboard;
- Interactive Controls (IC) Available for PC.

Gameplay physics all custom-built for the model.
4x4 drive feature. Using the X key or LB+A (Xbox) L1+X (PlayStation) you can turn 4x4 on and off, and this will influence the functioning of the entire model (As it is a new feature and uses several systems to be possible, it may present minimal visual problems). If you turn 4x4 off, you will notice a lack of traction and skidding when towing heavy loads;

Credits: SrVertex

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