Cembrowina Map V1.0.0.7

Date : 2024-05-12 12:25:01 Report

Welcome to Cembrowina!

- Farmland 223 enlarged to make larger inn
- Traffic has been improved and (I hope) will no longer block up
- French language support added
- Added translation (English, German and French) for shopping centres
- Names of some purchases have been changed
- The option to buy farmland 255 has been removed (now it doesn't appear)
- Changed the map description in modDesc
- Changed some lighting

The map is actually a convert of the Koczkodany map edit created by Krynix and edited by Informejtik, Swistak, T25 Connoisseur and Fanatic.

The map features:
- Two villages (Cembrowina, Bradów)
- 210 fields (including 12 meadows)
- One place to build your own farm (farmland 223)
- Custom crop textures
- Custom ground and sowing textures
- Traffic
- Polish registrations
- Kneaded stubble
- Custom lighting
and much more...
(PS. If you don't mind the white sign and the question marks in the air (because I can't remove them) you can play to your heart's content)

I'm currently converting Bolusovo v7.5 (which will now be called Bolusin) asap.

Have a great game Mal7!

Credits: Mal7, Krynix, Informejtik, Świstak, Koneser T25, Fanatyk

Download File (1.2GB)