La Picarde Provencale Map V2.0

Date : 2023-09-10 20:07:42 Report

Hello to all here is finally the official release of La Picarde ProvençaleV2
hope you like it so let's see what's new
to start, you already have 7 new cereals >> lavender, mustard, peas, carrots,
onions, lentils, buckwheat, in addition to the original crops.
You also have about 20 factories and 10 outlets plus 8 greenhouses.
I leave you the possibility also to place what you want for that, you have
areas that are made.
You should also know that almost all the buildings are sellable, but be careful in some places, you won't be able to put them back.
a new building or other
Very important concerning the pack provided, do not update a single mod otherwise you will crash
the maps completely, if there are updates, I will provide them to you.

Credits: Hdf-Modding

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